$500 Audiophile SATA SSD Cable With Superstar Crystals Listed

A SATA 3. cable, the likes of which we have by no means observed prior to, has been listed on eBay for the princely sum of $500. For your dollars, the listing claims (opens in new tab) you will acquire the “best computer system Hello-Fi cable ever designed.” We have seen some very dubious audiophile / personal computer hardware crossovers beforehand, so considered this Audiophile Rocks Celebrity Crystal Components SATA SSD cable was worthy of a nearer seem.

(Impression credit: Audiophile Rocks / eBay)

In the pursuit of the supreme audio clarity audiophiles will spend huge bucks. There are lots of true audiophile quality solutions on the current market. We can’t be certain that this is real audiophile products, so acquire the product with a pinch of salt and recall “caveat emptor” (consumer beware) applies in this article. But what can we see from the listing?