Corsair Starts Selling Wood PC Case Panels

Warm on the heels of Fractal Design’s very well-been given, wooden-accented North situation (which we awarded circumstance of the yr for 2022), element mainstay Corsair has begun providing wood panels for its current 4000 (opens in new tab)– and 5000 (opens in new tab)-series Personal computer circumstances, starting up at $55.

The panels appear in packs of two, one for the front of the circumstance and one particular for the major. And they surface to be laser-lower to match the Airflow variants of both instances, to keep very similar thermal traits of the steel panels that ship with these instances. In truth, the product or service web page states that Corsair has “rigorously tested” the panels to “ensure the same substantial airflow as 4000D AIRFLOW and 5000D AIRFLOW panels.”

That need to signify there will not be any temperature worries, however I do surprise about the fragility of the narrowest sections of people cuts. If you are going to place your situation on the flooring (which is likely a frequent event, particularly with the greater 5000-sequence circumstances), I would be mindful to set this panel out of the way of swinging feet or small children.

(Picture credit score: Corsair)

You can opt for in between a few kinds / shades of wood to match your desire or decor, with bamboo remaining the lightest, sapele sitting in the middle with a lighter bronzish-brown shade, and teak becoming the darkest. Note that equally the teak and sapele panels are expressly known as out as veneer (this means they are not solid wood, at least of those people kinds) when the faster-expanding / more cost-effective / lighter bamboo is stated as “renewably sourced,” so much more most likely good bamboo. The 4000 collection panels (proven previously mentioned) provide for $55, and the greater 5000 sequence panels are priced at $75.

(Graphic credit history: Corsair)

The circumstances do glance unique and appealing, at least to my eyes, with these wood panels. And I could see owners of these popular Corsair instances buying them up as an uncomplicated way to significantly transform the appear of their units. But $75 in distinct for the 5000 sequence panels appears like a good deal – specifically when the full Fractal North circumstance is currently advertising for $130 (opens in new tab). To be honest to Corsair though, there is undoubtedly additional wood in these panels than there is in the North’s slatted front panel.

No matter of cost, the Fractal North situation has arguably been the most properly-acquired circumstance in many years, generating finest-of-the-year lists at many well known web pages. And supplied its relative affordability, it is probable advertising properly (although both shade variants are at this time sitting at 86 and 90 on Amazon’s listing of most effective-promoting conditions (opens in new tab)). So it’s not astonishing to see Corsair stick to reasonably rapidly with some wooden-primarily based extras of its personal.