The XML-RPC is a simple and portable XML based protocol which is used to share information between two or more computer systems across a network. It is a remote procedure call that uses an XML mechanism to encode the call and HTTP for its transport. It allows complex programs and data structures to perform procedural calls to be processed and transmitted over a network. 

XML-RPC Working:

The XML-RPC is an efficient tool if the user wants to combine several computing environments without needing to directly share the complex programs and data structures. One can easily establish fast communication between computer systems over a network by using XML-RPC. It can come handy when collaborated with Java, Perl, C, C++, Python, PHP and several other programming languages. For example- It allows the commands written in Java to exchange information with Perl, ASP, Python, and so on.

The message is sent by the XML-RPC is primarily an HTTP-POST request and it contains several responses and requests. The body of the requested call will be in XML, which is followed by the execution of that particular procedure on the server. It will surely return a value, which will be in the XML format. The parameters of procedure calls can be numbers, dates, strings, scalars and many more.

Data Types supported by XML-RPC:

There are several data types supported by XML-RPC are listed below:

  1. int: The data type of int represents an integer. It is a signed integer of 32-bit in size.
  2. double: A double data type is a floating-point number of double precision. 
  3. boolean: The Boolean data type defines the boolean operations as ‘true’ or ‘false’.
  4. dateTime.iso8601: This data type is used for a date and time formatting. It is not useful for the XML-RPC because the XML-RPC has ceased the use of any time zones.
  5. string: The string data type provides an ASCII string and can also contain NULL bytes.
  6. base64: This data type is used to encode the raw binary data of all values of maximum length.
  7. array: The array data type used in XML-RPC is the one-dimensional structure of the array.

struct: The XML-RPC can have manifold key-value pairs. To store these pairs, the struct data type is used.


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