Guru Gadgets: High-Tech Devices to Help With Meditation

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Grow in your practice with the help of these tools

Looking to deepen your practice of meditation? Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to start? The answer to your further exploration of self may come from an unlikely source—technology.

From stress-reducing wristbands to consciousness-elevating couches, smart technology has embraced the wellness space to aid those looking to expand their journey inward.

Below, a few devices that may help you grow in your practice of meditation.

Muse 2

Forewarned is forearmed, and the Muse 2 is built to give users real-time information to aid in their meditation. Appearing like a headband from the distant future, this wearable is outfitted with multiple-sensors that track real-time brainwave feedback (EEG), heart rate, posture and breath, allowing users to track how they perform best and build a consistent practice. But the Muse 2 is more than just data. The headband, and accompanying app, offer guided meditation and breathing via harmonizing musical tones and natural sounds, allowing users to synchronize heart, body and breath toward a more fulfilling meditation.

The Muse 2 is available for $249.


You’ve probably never seen a handheld like this. Conceived as a physical guide for your meditation, the Core is a semi-spherical device that users hold in front of them. Atop the Core are multiple ECG sensors, that, in conjunction with headphones and the Core app, guide you through audio soundscapes via synchronized vibrations, with the goal of optimizing your meditation. In addition to providing a guiding pulse, the Core’s ECG sensors read and record your body’s heart rate through your thumbs, allowing users to see the growth of their practice over time.

The Core is available for $179.


Looking for a full-body meditation aid? Consisting of spatial sound headphones, light vision glasses and a vibrating couch, Resonate offers complete immersion for finding a new depth to your meditative practice. Working with the accompanying Resonate app, users listen to binaural beats and isochronic tones, “view” brain-stimulating light displays and experience physical vibrations, all while working through a guided meditation. The goal of the multiple devices, working in conjunction, is to reach a deeper subconscious (headphones), slow down the pattern of thoughts (glasses) and soothe the nervous system (couch)—a full-body experience built to achieve a more powerful meditation.

Resonate is available for pre-order now for $4,499.

Apollo Neuro

Having trouble delving into meditation due to stress and anxiety? The answer may be in the power of touch—even if that touch comes from technology. That’s the philosophy—and science—behind the Apollo Neuro. This unique wearable, which can be attached at the wrist, ankle, wristband, shirt collar and more, provides soothing waves of vibration that simulate touch and are meant to combat the fight-or-flight responses closely associated with stress and anxiety. The goal of the Neuro is to restore your body’s natural rhythms and aid users in relaxing, focusing, socializing, sleeping and even meditating.

The Apollo Neuro is available for $349.

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