Highest Paying Engineering Jobs Of 2023

It is very very well regarded between People in america that engineers have a tendency to make a good sum of money, specially as opposed to occupations in other fields. Nevertheless you can turn out to be an engineer soon after earning just a bachelor’s diploma in an engineering industry, lots of continue their education and learning to the master’s or even doctoral amount. On the other hand, what is significantly less effectively known is which sorts of engineers generate the most money. In get to recognize the highest paying engineering employment, we analyzed facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Occupational Work Studies (OES), and zeroed in on occupations that slide into their group Architecture and Engineering Occupations, though creating absolutely sure to exclude architectural work.

Study on to find out the best paying engineering work in 2023.

10 Best Spending Engineering Employment in 2023

Seeking at the greatest paying out engineering work of 2023, 12 positions have regular yearly salaries in excess of $100,000. For comparison, the normal yearly wage for All Occupations in the U.S. is $58,260 for each yr. The other six maximum paying engineering careers have regular yearly salaries of about $87,000. What is fascinating, however, is that some engineering employment have skilled an outright decline in normal yearly pay about the previous five yrs. For occasion, the No. 1 greatest having to pay engineering career in our listing experienced a drop of .89% from 2016 to 2021 (yr the most up-to-date BLS wage data is offered for): From $147,030 down to $145,720. Whilst that latter determine is continue to just about $90,000 additional than the typical yearly income for All Occupations, it’s intriguing which engineering careers witnessed a reduce in wages, and which did not.

Under is a breakdown of the prime 10 greatest spending engineering work in the United States:

1. Petroleum Engineers

Common Annual Petroleum Engineers Salary: $145,720

Average Hourly Petroleum Engineers Wage: $70.06

2. Pc Hardware Engineers

Regular Yearly Pc Hardware Engineers Salary: $136,230

Normal Hourly Computer Hardware Engineers Wage: $65.50

3. Aerospace Engineers

Normal Yearly Aerospace Engineers Wage: $122,970

Typical Hourly Aerospace Engineers Wage: $59.12

4. Chemical Engineers

Normal Once-a-year Chemical Engineers Income: $121,840

Common Hourly Chemical Engineers Wage: $58.58

5. Nuclear Engineers

Typical Annual Nuclear Engineers Income: $121,760

Average Hourly Nuclear Engineers Wage: $58.54

6. Electronics Engineers, Except Pc

Average Yearly Electronics Engineers, Besides Laptop Income: $115,490

Average Hourly Electronics Engineers, Except Laptop or computer Wage: $55.53

7. Electrical Engineers

Average Annual Electrical Engineers Income: $107,890

Regular Hourly Electrical Engineers Wage: $51.87

8. Engineers, All Other

Ordinary Annual Engineers, All Other Wage: $107,800

Average Hourly Engineers, All Other Wage: $51.83

9. Materials Engineers

Typical Once-a-year Components Engineers Salary: $101,950

Normal Hourly Supplies Engineers Wage: $49.02

10. Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers

Ordinary Once-a-year Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers Wage: $101,020

Typical Hourly Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers Wage: $48.57

Traits in the Highest Having to pay Engineering Positions

There are some noteworthy developments when it comes to the best spending engineering work opportunities. The engineering profession that professional the most important development in typical annual pay out is Chemical Engineers, which improved by 15.58%, from $105,420 in 2016 to $121,840 in 2021. Nuclear Engineers come in next position listed here, looking at its ordinary annual wage boost by 14.92% around the very same time period: From $105,950 to $121,760. And the engineering work with the 3rd optimum development more than the very last 5 years is Laptop Components Engineers, which greater by 14.77%: From $118,700 to $136,230.

Under you will come across a desk of all best paying engineering jobs in the U.S. that the BLS has wage details for. Involved in the table are the occupation titles, ordinary hourly wages, regular annual wages, and alter above the past 5 years: