Needham Investment Management Now Owns 7.30% of Frequency Electronics (FEIM)

Fintel reports that Needham Expenditure Administration
has filed a 13G/A sort
with the SEC disclosing possession of
shares of Frequency Electronics, Inc. (FEIM).

This signifies 7.3% of the firm.

In their past submitting dated February 14, 2022
they noted .65MM shares and 7.00% of the company,
an boost in shares of 4.87%
an raise in full ownership of
(calculated as latest – earlier % ownership).

What is the Fund Sentiment?

There are 67 funds or establishments reporting positions in Frequency Electronics.

This is an raise
proprietor(s) or 3.08% in the past quarter.

Regular portfolio excess weight of all money devoted to FEIM is .08%,
a lower
of 20.97%.

Full shares owned by establishments decreased
in the previous a few months by 1.21% to 6,177K shares.

What are huge shareholders executing?

FEIM / Frequency Electronics, Inc. Ownership

Edenbrook Capital
retains 1,863K shares

representing 19.94% possession of the organization.

In it is really prior submitting, the company reported possessing 1,856K shares, symbolizing
an enhance
of .41%.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in FEIM by 99.92% over the previous quarter.

NESGX – Needham Compact Cap Development Fund Retail Course
retains 570K shares

symbolizing 6.10% ownership of the firm.

No transform in the past quarter.

Royce & Associates
holds 416K shares

representing 4.45% ownership of the firm.

In it’s prior submitting, the organization reported proudly owning 436K shares, symbolizing
a reduce
of 4.81%.

The business


its portfolio allocation in FEIM by 99.89% over the previous quarter.

ROFCX – Royce Prospect Fund Specialist Course
retains 283K shares

symbolizing 3.03% possession of the enterprise.

In it’s prior filing, the company reported owning 289K shares, symbolizing
a lower
of 2.30%.

The organization


its portfolio allocation in FEIM by 15.87% about the final quarter.

DFSVX – U.s. Compact Cap Benefit Portfolio – Institutional Course
retains 247K shares

representing 2.65% possession of the corporation.

In it’s prior submitting, the firm claimed owning 251K shares, representing
a minimize
of 1.50%.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in FEIM by 23.45% more than the past quarter.

Frequency Electronics Background Data
(This description is delivered by the enterprise.)

Frequency Electronics, Inc. is a environment chief in the design and style, improvement and manufacture of higher precision timing, frequency era and RF management products and solutions for area and terrestrial applications. Frequency’s items are used in satellite payloads and in other industrial, authorities and army units such as C4ISR and digital warfare, missiles, UAVs, plane, GPS, safe communications, electricity exploration and wireline and wi-fi networks. Frequency has gained around 100 awards of excellence for achievements in supplying significant efficiency digital assemblies for more than 150 area and DOD plans. The Enterprise invests considerable sources in investigate and progress to increase its capabilities and markets.

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