Tesla self-driving Hardware 4 (HW4) teardown from upcoming Model X reveals significant upgrades and consolidated AMD CPU-GPU infotainment board, no retrofit possible in current Tesla cars

Tesla self-driving Hardware 4 (HW4) teardown from upcoming Model X reveals significant upgrades and consolidated AMD CPU-GPU infotainment board, no retrofit possible in current Tesla cars

Tesla is predicted to up grade its self-driving computer system to the Hardware 4. (HW4) edition from the latest HW3. Although issues are even now formally below wraps, photographs of HW4 and achievable changes coming to Tesla’s Entire Self-Driving (FSD) have leaked on the web.&#13

From what we know so considerably, Telsa is upgrading its computing platform to accommodate enhanced radar and digicam units. Identified Tesla leaker @greentheonly on Twitter has posted visuals of the HW4 laptop in a thread.&#13

The OP managed to lay arms on a HW4 pc from an future Product X. So, it is possible that the automaker will be liquidating its existing Product X manufacturing and shortly launch a new collection with HW4 hardware.&#13

Coming to the components itself, @greentheonly‘s teardown reveals that Tesla will no longer present a different daughter board for the GPU. Instead, the AMD CPU, AMD GPU, 256 GB NVMe, and 16 GB RAM will all be current on the similar infotainment board. &#13

The HW4 hardware continues to be based mostly on a Samsung Exynos chip. The CPU cores are now greater from 12 to 20 (5x 4-core clusters). These cores can strengthen up to 2.35 GHz and idle at 1.37 GHz, in accordance to the OP. An further Journey core (overall of 3 cores) in every Excursion unit on both of those the SoCs is existing with a maximum frequency of 2.2 GHz. The Excursion cores are essentially the types that cope with neural web computations.&#13

HW4 appears to be to be working the Linux kernel 5.4.161-rt67. As is important in self-driving autos, the HW4 capabilities redundancy with similar electric power connections on each individual side and two community backlinks to the infotainment board. Nonetheless, the OP notes that killing power to the A side kills the community swap and the relationship is lost entirely.&#13

There are now 12 camera sensors (fairly, connectors) on HW4 such as a person marked “Spare”, which is an maximize from the 8 connectors we’ve seen with HW3.

The digital camera placement will also alter — the facet cameras will now be put in the front fenders although two would be positioned in the windshield. Tesla cars showcasing HW4 would stay clear of probable blind places by inserting cameras in entrance and rear bumpers as properly. &#13

HW4 will make use of a new radar module termed Phoenix, references to which are uncovered in the firmware. In accordance to Tesla, Phoenix is a non-pulsed automotive radar that is effective in the 76-77 GHz frequency variety and supports three sensing modes. &#13

The Federal Communications Fee (FCC) has released visuals and documentation for Phoenix, which have been accessed by Teslarati. A new tri-band GPS module is current as nicely.&#13

@greentheonly also notes that the idle ability use with HW4 is rather better when compared to HW3.&#13

Bad information for recent Tesla homeowners

Although the alterations coming to HW4 are welcome, Elon Musk has formally killed any hopes for recent Tesla house owners seeking to retrofit HW4 into their cars and trucks. In a Q4 2022 convention get in touch with, Musk explained that it is not economically and technically feasible to retrofit Components 3 with Components 4. &#13

Having said that, he did validate that HW3 will “still exceed the safety of the common human” and that it will achieve its full self-driving (FSD) aims.&#13

@greentheonly also confirmed that it is not probable to retrofit HW4 into HW3 automobiles provided the fully different kind components concerning the two modules. Although new high quality Tesla versions will come with HW4 mounted, the OP would seem very absolutely sure that new Model 3 autos will also get the new smarts eventually.&#13

It is not recognized when Tesla would make the HW4 official, but the firm’s Investor Day on March 1 looks to be a possible date.&#13

Test out @greentheonly‘s thread linked under for far more information and photos of Tesla’s future Hardware 4 computer system.&#13

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